"The Fight"

"The Fight"

In Richard Wright’s “The Fight” the narrator is in new school. He’s a new student,. Everything started in lunch time " recess " around 12:00 to 12:30 pm. A boy from his school came up to the narrator and ask him. “Where are you from ?” “I’m from Jackson.” he answers. The boy from his school told the narrator, “Oh ! How come they make some ugly people in Jackson.” Some of the kids that were near them were starting to get noisy and laughing. The narrator didn’t want to start a fight but if the boy from his school keep poking him and bothering him he will respond back. He thought that if he started a fight he would be popular and ill be accepted by the other boys in his school. The kid from the lunchtime started saying bad stuff to him but the narrator had a response for everything he says.

I Agree, if he were another kid he would just punch the boy in the face for calling him ugly and disrespect him the way he did. You cant just call a boy ugly just because you felled like it.

In my situation I would just calm down and try to walk away because a have a really bad temperature and humor, and I would like that some girl in my new school calls me ugly.

When I was 10 years old. I went to the Dominican Republic to study for 4 months, In the same school 8 of my cousins used to study there. One of my boy cousins was in problems the bully from his class used t hit him in the head and calling fat and stupid but he had all of us, we went to his class to talk to the bully. I was 3 years older than him, and I was one of the smallest one from the group. The oldest one had 22 and went he saw us he stared crying my other cousin was 18 he pointed at the bully and told him in you keep bothering him you would have problems with all of us but the bully stop poking on him and stop calling him fat after that they are best friend and he still talks to my little cousin.

The way that the narrators behave was very appropriate because he didn’t event talk to him bad or told him “Oh you want to fight ?“ he just try to not fight or to hurt the boy. He was very nice person with the boy for the way he was talking to him.

Don’t try to be tough if you not. People are going to accept you the way you are and were you are, just be you and do you BEST !

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