In the story “The Confrontation” By Raymond Barrio, is about a guy name Manuel that he’s lost in the desert .He is surrounded only by animal and arid land with no vegetation, his shirt was power dry. The hot dry air from the desert moisture from his brute body. He thirsty the hole time wild he was walking he stop in a brute tank and drank some water of the tank .He felt lonely and at the same time scare like he dint had no choice just to stay there and deal with it. Wild he was taking he’s lunch brake he set down on the floor and started eating he’s cheese with tortillas.

The similar about the story “The Confrontation” and “The Fight” By Richard Wright’s is that in both story the narrator and Manuel feels lonely, sad, that they don’t have nobody to talk our count with they look lost that they have to be I that situation because they don’t have another choice.

The different about these two Story is that they don’t have alot things in common. Because In the story “The Fight” the boy from the narrator school wanted to fight and the narrator didn’t want to start a fight. And with the other story “The Confrontation”

Manuel tired and he work in the desert he need to stay there, he didn’t have another choice. Is really hard when you don’t want to do something but you do it because you have to. For Manuel It was very hard to stay away from his family to g to work to the desert.

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